Lien Sales

Title Transfer

Title transfer in the state of California can be problematic if you’re not sure what is required for making the change.   Lost paper work can cause the entire process to slow to a stop. Let Pronto Auto Registration handle your title transfer, and you won’t lose any sleep over those lost papers or other unexpected bumps in the road for the process of transferring the title of your vehicle.


The Problems with Title Transfer

The title of transfer is document that states that the ownership of a vehicle has changed.  Although there can be issues with the title of transfer itself, we’re familiar with them.  We know what’s required to successfully process a title transfer in the state of California, as well as handing out-of-state car and vehicle title transfers.  California offers a rush title processing option, so if for some reason you need a title transferred quickly, we can take care of that too.


Lien Sales

Lien sales can be confusing to folks who aren’t familiar with them. In a very basic sense, a lien sale of a vehicle comes about when someone has provided services for a vehicle such a car repairs or storage, and they haven’t been paid for that work.  The person that has performed the service can put a lien against the vehicle until the bill is paid. That lien can be address by a court judgment or if the vehicle is sold through a lien sale.  Sound complicated?  It can be.  If you’re involved with a lien sale and have questions, feel free to give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer them.  We’re can use our expertise to solve your problem.

Replacing License Plates and Tags

Have you ever seen a police car by the side of the road and then felt that rush of panic when you say to yourself, “Oh no, did I forgot to replace my license plate?” Whether it’s expired tags or the need to replace your license plate sticker or replace your license plate itself, Pronto Auto Registration can take care of it for you.  If you have a need to replace your car tags, please give us a call at 619-270-2106.

During our phone conversation, we’ll let you know the exact paper work that is needed to process your replacement tags.  We’ll also make arrangements to pick up the paperwork from you whether you are at home or at the office.  Pronto Auto Registration does everything we can to make the task of replacing your license plates and tags as easy as possible.